Why Work with an Executive Coach?

Coaches help people reach beyond their limits and grasp their goals.  Coaches help people get where they want to go faster and more effectively than they could possibly do on their own.

“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.”  -Henry Ford

We know that mindset drives our actions and leads to our results. For executives and leaders who influence a large scale of outcomes, developing a growth mindset is an essential component for success.

Hester Mishkin has served in an executive role for over 25 with distinction in a variety of sectors — corporate, entrepreneurial and non-profit — breaking records, reaching new heights of business and forging new platforms all along the way.

With her proven Powerhouse Mindset (c) Program Hester has developed an innovate strategy using LEAN Six Sigma expertise, martial arts principles and professional coaching methods specifically for executives and leaders who want to reach big goals and expand their professional performance.

Six-week online course, one on one programs and group trainings available.

Coaching is a professional service and powerful process that helps you uncover:

Clarity on what you really want

What’s really holding you back from getting it

Strategies to overcome barriers that hold you back

Actionable steps to reach your goals  

Coaching Is Not:
An easy way out
Somebody else’s solution to a problem
Clinical therapy for a mental illness
Telling you what to do

Helpful Articles

“Hester was instrumental in helping me with a major life transition. What I appreciated about her most was her ability to listen well, ask powerful questions, and uncover some “left field” possibilities I had not considered. She provided me with the support necessary for executing the follow through on my goals. Her experience in the corporate, non-profit, and entrepreneurial sectors has given her some broad perspectives relevant to anyone considering a bold move or big change. You’ll be happy you connected with her – she’s a safe bet in the coaching space!  – Dave W.

“As a Life Coach, Hester offers tools that are transformative in the way I understand myself – the way I think, feel and behave.   Because of her coaching, the negative inner voice that has dogged me for my entire life has a critic now, just as loud and even fiercer!  As I continue on my journey to discover my own true calling, Hester’s support helps to keep me honest about my intentions and motivated to keep moving forward.  When I feel like giving up, I seek out Hester for inspiration and hope!”   -Fern S.

“Hester is one of the most supportive and compassionate people I have met, so working with her as a coach was a very easy decision. I knew that I wouldn’t be treated with anything but respect and love as I turned for her to coaching and guidance when considering making a move and a job change.  I wasn’t disappointed on that front— she is open-hearted, validating, and sensitive to my feelings and emotions. What I hadn’t experienced firsthand before our coaching began, however, was her insight and intuition. Her own life experiences have qualified her to be sharp and purposeful in her coaching. She is empowering and honest when leading someone towards their truth and their optimum selves!” – Lily W.

“Hester is one of the most dedicated, hard working and bright individuals I know. She excels in so many areas of is particularly skilled in communications and building relationships. The passion, intellect and work ethic she possesses make her an incredible asset to anyone. She is also a joy to be around and a thoughtful, kind and wonderful person!”  -Isabel N.

“Hester’s calling is to be a coach! She has an innate ability to motivate, understand and relate to people and uses it to align tactical approaches and help people achieve diverse personal and professional goals. Her genuine nature and ability helped me shift my perspective resulting in long term change for me. From working with Hester, I gained confidence which has allowed me to take risks (job changes, promotions, better advocating for myself) that I wouldn’t have previously taken. She demonstrates and practices what she teaches”  -Kari H.