Coaching Services

Coaching is a highly interactive process. We become partners in reaching where you want to go.  Group programs and workshops will introduce you to the 5 Steps to GETTING THERE to set the stage for taking bold steps towards an ambitious goal. When we work together individually, we’ll work in-depth on the 5 Steps for you to reach the destination your seek and customize to your specific needs and goals.

Individual Coaching:

  • 1:1 Coaching, 3 months – “GET THERE” Signature Package.  Together we will develop a customized strategy with a tailored solution to help you achieve your unique goals. ​Includes 10 calls (60 mins), weekly assignments to reinforce your learning, resources, access to me between our sessions as needed. The most popular and gets the fastest results.
  • 6-Week “5 Steps to GETTING THERE” Group Program. A group program, you will learn each week one of the 5 Steps and how to apply them to the successes you want. Includes 6 weekly webinar sessions, weekly assignments, resources and closed group FB page access. Steady progress over 6 weeks to reset your mind for reaching your goals and getting unblocked.

Executive Coaching

  • 1:1 Executive Coaching, 6-week 5 S’s FOR THE MIND Intensive.   For executives, leaders and entrepreneurs who want to accelerate their success, reach new heights or get unblocked.  We’ll learn strategies to removing obstacles and sharpening your mindset for achieving your big goals.  Includes weekly calls, resources, assignments and access to me.
  • 1:1 Executive Coaching, 3-Month POWERHOUSE Signature Package.  For executives, leaders and entrepreneurs who want to grasp big, bold goals.  We’ll do a deep dive into developing strategies that remove obstacles and sharpening your mindset to reach the pinnacle of your professional success.  Includes 10 calls (60 min each), resources, assignments and access to me.

Groups & Workshops

Group Workshops and Training are available in half-day or full-day options. 

    • THINK BIG & GET THERE Workshop
    • Mindset Boot Camp to Reach BIG BOLD GOALS
    • How to get BIGGER, FASTER RESULTS Workshop

Custom Programs

Customized programs are available as well.  Call me at 207-504-1559 for more details or click the link below to email.

  • On Demand Breakthrough Coaching is also available for times when you simply can’t move ahead or have an immediate challenge that needs coaching intervention. Email me here for more details.

“Hester was instrumental in helping me with a major life transition. What I appreciated about her most was her ability to listen well, ask powerful questions, and uncover some “left field” possibilities I had not considered. She provided me with the support necessary for executing the follow through on my goals. Her experience in the corporate, non-profit, and entrepreneurial sectors has given her some broad perspectives relevant to anyone considering a bold move or big change. You’ll be happy you connected with her – she’s a safe bet in the coaching space!  – Dave W.

“As a Life Coach, Hester offers tools that are transformative in the way I understand myself – the way I think, feel and behave.   Because of her coaching, the negative inner voice that has dogged me for my entire life has a critic now, just as loud and even fiercer!  As I continue on my journey to discover my own true calling, Hester’s support helps to keep me honest about my intentions and motivated to keep moving forward.  When I feel like giving up, I seek out Hester for inspiration and hope!”   -Fern S.

“Hester is one of the most supportive and compassionate people I have met, so working with her as a coach was a very easy decision. I knew that I wouldn’t be treated with anything but respect and love as I turned for her to coaching and guidance when considering making a move and a job change.  I wasn’t disappointed on that front— she is open-hearted, validating, and sensitive to my feelings and emotions. What I hadn’t experienced firsthand before our coaching began, however, was her insight and intuition. Her own life experiences have qualified her to be sharp and purposeful in her coaching. She is empowering and honest when leading someone towards their truth and their optimum selves!” – Lily W.

“Hester is one of the most dedicated, hard working and bright individuals I know. She excels in so many areas of is particularly skilled in communications and building relationships. The passion, intellect and work ethic she possesses make her an incredible asset to anyone. She is also a joy to be around and a thoughtful, kind and wonderful person!”  -Isabel N.

“Hester’s calling is to be a coach! She has an innate ability to motivate, understand and relate to people and uses it to align tactical approaches and help people achieve diverse personal and professional goals. Her genuine nature and ability helped me shift my perspective resulting in long term change for me. From working with Hester, I gained confidence which has allowed me to take risks (job changes, promotions, better advocating for myself) that I wouldn’t have previously taken. She demonstrates and practices what she teaches”  -Kari H.

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